Researching stand manufacturers for your next exhibition

Considerablylaborapplies into the manufacturing and assembly of a custom exhibition stand. Starting from the design phase, from development to the materialchoices, exhibition stand manufacturers deal withfrequentconcerns. Generally because exhibition stands are oftenexecuted in short intervals of time. In addition, they must be both eye-catching and enticing to the commissioning business and viewers. Among the most…

Finding the Perfect Design Company

When it comes to participating at innovative exhibitions, it is extremely important to partner with a booth design company that can make your presentation stand out. Participating in exhibitions can be a tedious and somewhat costly task, especially for startup establishments and micro-businesses. Preparing up a good and efficient exhibition booth may be difficult for…

The reasons and objectives of joining at an exhibition

Everyone talks about the right response, but no one has the correct one, and certainly not in the way that it is needed. That may be no wonder. There are various communication methods that are ever more not easy to pick the best one, specifically when one needs to make contact with managers, draw in…

Exhibiting new products and services preparation to get the right responses

Exhibitions are fantastic ways to straight interact with the target market. A successful exhibition not only improves product sales of a company, it likewise assists a lot in appropriate branding. For a great deal of business where there are very little alternative to communicate directly with the end users, these occasions work as a great…

INTERNORGA Exhibition Stand in Hamburg – Germany

One important exhibition is over again many smiling faces but also exhibitors who wondered was went wrong. That a stand perform In line with the exhibition targets, to attract, and obtain the deserved attention is obvious. A visible and attractive exhibition stand, straightforward messages, creation of a fine atmosphere was a everybody’s mind and in…

Electronica/Hybridica Exhibition Stand in Munich – Germany

Planning a stand at the exhibition a competent task, a lot of preparation and planning has to develop on the run up to the event to ensure you get the greatest outcome. Activteam with the experience of 20 years made it easier for participants designing there stands reducing their effort and time, providing all services…

Exhibition stands in Cologne Hardware Show – Eisenwarenmesse

Some of the important targets for Worldwide acting companies when participating in an exhibition is creating brand recognition.


¿Quiererealizarsueventoen Europa? STANDS Y SERVICIOS FERIALES, Eventi, diseño y construcción de stands. Activteam solucionael montaje de stands y la arquitecturaefímeraen stands de diseño, eventos e interiorismo. La combinación delargaexperienciaen la organización de ferias, unida a la de comunicación visual nos ha permitidodesarrollarserviciosespecíficos de arquitecturaefímera. aparte del diseño, la fabricación y montaje del stand Iluminación, Moqueta,…